Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday, Monday

Modular Sweater - I have both cuffs done. Tonight I will finish the neck and maybe sew in the sleeves. I am still enjoying finishing things and I don't have any deep desire to start anything new so I will probably manage to get it done.

I still have not found a cardigan pattern, that I like, for my husband's sweater. I have started several swatches - but so far, nothing that inspires. I will probably focus on Beadwork until I do.

I got a call from my mother about her new sweater. She likes it and it fits. She promises to send a picture. I'll post it when she does. She said that she could feel the warmth from all the love that was knit into every stitch. I told her it was still warm from it's visit to Hades. Although I do have to admit that knitting it was an act of love and devotion. I wouldn't have persevered with that pattern for myself. Only for Mom!

I nearly finished all the laundry. I didn't start doing it until Sunday afternoon. I did do two loads this morning. Getting up early really does help get some stuff done. I also bought shower curtains yesterday. They were too short. I'll have to make another foray this evening. I hope I will have more success. The rod for the shower curtain is what I wanted though. The boys put it up. They are very funny.

I should also start working on mittens for Liz. We got a light dusting of snow last night. She is off for her winter break now so I have some time to finish them up before she has to have them. I think I have found a pattern for them. I haven't knit the swatch yet. Maybe tonight, after I finish the Modular sweater.

I also need to ball some fiber and set up my loom for some weaving. They need to be done by Thanksgiving. So guess what I'm doing tonight? Setting up for a small weaving project! I think, if I'm diligent I can get them done in a week.

Pictures? Likely!

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