Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday Morning?

Here is a picture of the first section of Beadwork:
I haven't managed a good picture of it at all. This one was the best. You can sort of see the pattern. a little bit. It looks really good in person. One day this week I will set the pattern rows and I can start on the back.

I have finished the first section of my weaving and I have started the last.

I really need to start on the mittens (it was cold walking from the parking ramp to the office this morning) and finish the neck on my modular sweater. I have had company all week and I am likely to have company most of the rest of this week. I need to finish the weaving before the weekend so I'm unlikely to get any of the other stuff completed or even started unless the weaving goes much faster. I spent nearly all Saturday sitting and weaving and visiting.

It was a nice weekend. Sunday I went shopping, first for fabric, the yardage calculation error was pretty bad but the good news is I have some nice fabric for shower curtain and window curtains in the upstair bathroom. The bad news is I also have fabric for two or maybe three more such bathrooms. For some barely known reason the feet in my head became yards and instead of 15 ft I asked for 15 yds.

Then I went for groceries. I managed to find a turkey for 37 cents per pound. Mike was cranky that I didn't just get a breast. I pointed out that I got a whole turkey for $4, which is nearly the price of 1 pound of breast. I'm not sure that the coup with the turkey makes up for the fubar with the fabric, but I'm thinking I could make a dress with the left over fabric and pull a Miss Scarlet. Which will amuse me, if nothing else.

And how was your weekend?


Valkryie Knit this said...

hehhehe! I guess you have you halloween costume for next year! ;)

My weekend was tiring! I meet with two artists and painted and... Knitted. But just a little bit.

Guinifer said...

The Beadwork is gorgeous!

Liz said...

I tried to leave a comment yesterday, blogger was wierd.

The weekend was good. I knitted baby gifts for Belle and went to her shower and party'd while she went into labor.

When I got home I was greeted with P asking "where the nearest Urgent Care is?". Turns out it is in Apple Valley. I was afraid he had strep, but he just has a virus and is on meds for his throat.