Thursday, November 16, 2006

Again with the postman

I found the address!

The yarn for my new lopi sweater came yesterday. I want bonus points for not killing the sister-in-law who said "more yarn?" in a snotty way when I came in with the box. UP YOUR NOSE! I spend less on yarn then she does on cigarettes and beer and when I wear what I have after I use it I don't smell like the floor in a bar. Besides which, it is none of her business what I do with my money or my time. Guess who's getting nothing for the holiday?

The floor in Liz' room is done. Tonight I'm going to put together her furniture and she can put her stuff away. Then, maybe they can put the floor down in the new sewing room and I can put my stuff away. Won't that be nice!?

They plan to paint the hallway today. And maybe finish staining the doors and windows. The stain we choose is really nice. We have decided to wax instead of applying poly. We may regret that. But we can always apply poly later. I hope.

Off to work.

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