Friday, September 08, 2006

What next?

We have fleas, and because we have fleas, you know they are in my stash. Stupid cats.

I called the vet and she said to get some Frontline. We don't have to worry about bombing the house (which isn't terribly effective anyway) because the cats will take it anywhere they've been and it will kill the fleas there, then. When we take the cats to the vet on Monday we will get some Revolution - which is better but also a controlled substance, to use next. 4 months of this should kill all the fleas. I'll let you know.

My Filter Queen and I will be very busy the next week or so. I'll be putting my yarn in a laundry bag, in a garbage bag and sucking all the air out of it. Just what I wanted to do. On the other hand I will also acquire a vast number of new bins to place said yarn in and move it up to the new work room, after it has been processed. Two birds with one stone, and hopefully we'll manage to suck up most of the flea eggs in the process. This was not on the previous agenda.

This will mean that the cats, in order to spread their flea killer, will have total access to my stash. Stupid cats. Not that my house has ever been free of cat hair, but I've at least made some unreasonable attempts to keep them out of my yarn and fabric.

I have always had pretty good luck getting rid of fleas. The last two times we've had them I had the erradicated in a month. So while I'm all grossed out and unhappy about it, I'm also hopeful that it will be short lived.

Hopefully we won't have to deal with fleas as long as we've had to deal with stupid plumbers.

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