Monday, September 25, 2006

Holy Crap!

Friday is my Blogiversary!

September is almost gone. Leinie's Apple Spice Ale doesn't come out until November. So I'm torn. Between not believing it is almost October and wishing it was November.

I finished knitting my spouse's slippers, now they need felting. I have almost finished EZ' Surprise Baby sweater, size 12mo. I would have finished it if I hadn't made so many mistakes yesterday.

Friday I ordered a woolee winder with bobbins and two cones of 5-ply guernsey weight wool. I also ordered some lacing rings and some brass pins. The rings and pins were here when I got home Sunday evening. The brass pins bend like they are made of tin foil. But only the first two items are knitting related in any way.

I also stopped at All About yarn over my lunch hour on Friday and bought some sock yarn with the aloe/jojoba oil in it. I needed it for the KOTR KAL. It is a lovely color and will either become Friday Harbor or Canal de Midi socks. I also bought some lovely Cascade 220 for a baby sweater - but I think I'm going back and get enough to make the wrap around sweater pattern from Yellow Dog Knits; either that or the Cromarty from AS. Because really - I don't know that many babies.

Saturday I went to Hobby Lobby with my friend and bought some books I didn't need and a split ring tool. This should make stitch marker making much easier. I will have to make some more stitch markers. I also have to find some friends to gift them to, because who needs 11ty dozen stitch markers. Well okay - people who have 11ty dozen projects going - but I intend to stop that, really - I do. Step one - recognize you have a problem, Step two - stop contributing to the problem. I'm trying really. I'm finishing stuff and not starting new stuff - more or less. :)

Sunday we went to Ben Franklin and I bought some reed for costuming. It's a good thing we didn't go to the bead store, because while I wanted some beads - really! what do I need with more stuff. But next year I am going to the Bead and Button Show! Ha!

I petted some fabric this weekend as well - but I managed to leave it in the store. I attempted to find some worsted weight cotton so I could make a baby sweater for a friend but failed to find anything appropriate.

And thus - once again we are thwarted in our attempts to curb the acquisition of yarn and other sundries.

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