Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Knitting - Again

So the urge to finish things has caused me to climb over piles of stuff and rescue from oblivian my Aberlady sweater. It is another (yes another) AS that I started mummblety years ago. It is knit in the round to the sleeves then back and forth for the back/front. I'm about 1/3 the way up the back. Once I got set in the pattern knitting went well and I managed to get about 2 inches done. I'm concerned that, given the length of time since I started this piece and the way I have adjusted my tension, that I will have a harder time getting gauge, but I'm watching carefully and we'll hope for the best.

The yarn has been in storage so long that it has a little smell (it reeks of neglect). I dumped a bunch of lavender in the bag when I got home and we'll hope that makes it better. It is amazing the amount I have learned about yarn substitution since I started that. The weight of the yarn gets gauge, it doesn't give the right pop to the stitch definition though. It will still be nice to wear and I am still going to finish it, but if I was starting it today I'd find something else that would show to better effect.

I've been meaning to get back to it but other things always demand my attention. I'm going to attempt to finish it by October 1st. (yikes - a deadline) This is the date the KAL for Beadwork begins. It would be nice to start that on an up note.

Like I said before - I really need a 12 step program.

I took Aberlady to Eastside Fiber Enablers. It was really nice to get out. We are hoping to move it back to my house after Halloween, hopefully most of the debris will be out of the house by then and there will be places to sit.


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Kelly said...

Yeah! I haven't been able to post. :)

Okay, What I said was... I heard that if you put your yarn out in the sun, it takes away the smell.

Knit-Knot said...

I spritzed it with Febrez. It is better. Although now it stinks like Febrez. I'm hoping that smell will also disapate soon. Yucky.