Tuesday, September 05, 2006

September - remember

School started today! Which means that unless my daughter finally agrees that she can be responsible for getting herself on the bus my work schedule sucks!

I got my Secret Pal 8 box on Friday! It was super. I have pictures that I will post ASAP. Meaning - this afternoon if I can manage a break at the coffee bar that has free wi-fi. However did she know that I adore sock patterns. I forgot to grab the card so I can go to her blog and say thank you.

I finished my Unst socks last night and they are too small - out come the toes and add an inch. I wish I had thought to check them before I broke the yarn off the first one. Oh well.

I finished the green baby sweater and realized that I lost one of the cards of buttons in the store. I didn't pay for them but I still have to go back and buy another card of them.

I am going to order the 5ply gansey yarn for Beadwork KAL tomorrow. I'm having such a hard time chooseing a color. It is a good thing I'm not also choosing a yarn I'd never manage. KAL starts Oct. 1st.

I painted the first coat of the guest room. After work tonight I'm doing the second coat, creating a path to get the bed out and setting it up in the room. We will be living in the guest room until our room is done. The bathrooms are done except for storage spaces. Closets need to be built for upstairs and a cabinet bought for downstairs.

The house is a mess on a grand scale. I'm not sure it will ever be clean again.

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