Friday, September 15, 2006

I'm Cursed!

Okay so I found the sweater pattern and the yarn for the baby sweater. But the only needle the right size that I can find is 32" circ. It's a little hard to knit a 20" baby sweater on that. I found 3 double points that were the right size and long enough but three isn't really enough needles. I could manage with 4 but three - no. I did cast on and I am about 10 rows in but my joints all ready are aching. I have approx. 17 weeks to finish it, so I think I'm good.

My poor spouse says - so are you starting my slippers? No - I can't find the needles. I can't imagine where they are, how often do you use size 13 (9.5 mm) double points? I bought them for some bulky weight mittens that I had to have a couple years ago. I can't find either one of my needle cases at the moment, which is where the needles are, I'm pretty sure. It's very annoying. I'm going to stop at JoAnns and grab a set (assuming they have them) and work on the slippers this weekend.

I think I should be able to get them done over the weekend. I hope that I can get them to a agitating washing machine for the felting. My gentle front loading machine doesn't felt. Which is great when you don't want to and sucks when you do. Maybe I should see about buying a little apartment size one for felting?

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