Monday, September 25, 2006

Other (forgotten) Sunday Acquisitions

We also drove through Chippewa Falls on Sunday. Since it was fall we thought the Leinie's Apple Spice was available and went looking for a liquor store. Instead I introduced Terri to G's childhood ice cream parlor. We went in and had ice cream to go and I purchased some cinnamon ice cream. Tonight there should be apple something hot from the oven with cinnamon ice cream!



Liz said...

OH! NO FAIR! ::wimper::

Knit-Knot said...

I still have some left - if you want to come over.

Also Mike wants to go to the Leinie's Lodge - you are welcome to come along. It will be in November.

Liz said...

I have no time this week, need to pack for the demo in IN. I will be happy to come with in Nov!