Thursday, September 14, 2006


The lights are all hung at my house. Yay!

I knit another inch on the back of Aberlady yesterday. Only 4 more to go and then I can start the front! And then - the sleeves. Two weeks to knit a sweater on size 1 needles. Who exactly was I trying to kid? It is taking at least 1 day to knit one inch. I have 9 inches on the back and 20 something on the sleeves. That is a month of knitting, at least.

I still can't decide on a color for Beadwork. I really need to order the yarn last week. At this point it is either grey or cream. I should just flip a coin. Or maybe go with the cream. I wear a lot of cream anyway. I'd like more color in my wardrobe - but I'm drawn to purple and I have a lot of purple. To have less purple I've been going with blues. I have several blue sweaters now. I think I'll head into green next. I have several kitted up in burgundy (which is as close to red as I'm likely to get)

I have decided to design my own version of St. Brigid (another AS design) I simply will not pay $250 or more for a book. I have several Aran design books and some pattern discussions to go by. I have some lovely gold aran weight yarn that I bought for a pattern that is nice but not as much me in person as I thought it would be online. So I have the yarn and the knowledge - we'll see if I can manage the ability. That will keep me busy thinking all winter and I'll start knitting in the Spring. (ha! I know me better than that!)

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