Friday, October 27, 2006


My spouse has decided that he needs a sweater, a cardigan to be exact. A blue one. The design doesn't matter.

He has never wanted anything I have made ever. I'm perplexed.

I suppose I will find some yarn and a nice pattern and make him a sweater. He will never wear it.


Valkryie Knit this said...

Huh. weird.

Maybe he's jealous of your pretty sweaters!

Carrie K said...

Sure he will. Under the threat of imminent death.

He'll probably love it, wear it constantly and then you will notice some tiny imperfection and you'll be trying to talk him out of wearing it.

Ellen said...

Mine just likes to use the old "But why aren't you working on my sweater?" ploy when he's feeling insecure and unloved. I just scratch him behind the ear and, oh, wait, that's my dog. Nevermind.