Tuesday, October 31, 2006

All Hallow's Eve

I did not get yarn stalking done last night. I had a 'date' to meet a friend from out of town for an afternoon of yarn stalking but her appointment ran late and she had to cancel. (sadness) We'll try again next time she is in town.

I finished the sleeve on the modular sweater and another section of the front. If I remember correctly I have three body panels and one sleeve to finish. Then neckband and cuffs. I rechecked the yardage requirements against what I bought and I should have about 30 yards of each color left over. 30 yards really isn't much. I seem to have quite a lot of the main color remaining and not much of the contrast color. (and the yarn is Malabrigo - not whatever name I made up yesterday) I will be cutting it really close.

My mother got her package and liked the sweater. It's a good thing. She has declared that the sweater has never been to Hades. She makes me smile. She also thinks it will fit. I hope so.

We have almost finished laying the floor in the master bedroom. Next weekend we are getting the new furniture for it. I believe that after we finish the master bedroom we are starting my daughter's room. She will be pleased.

I still don't know which yarn I should get for my husband's sweater, other than blue dk wool. I also done have a pattern so that doesn't help much. I should make him come along and choose his own yarn but I'm pretty sure the cost of the yarn would give him a heart attack. He wants something to wear around the house. I'm thinking a nice heathery shetland, but I'm not sure that will not be too scratchy. It doesn't bother me anymore but when I first started wearing it I thought it was pretty scratchy. I'm not sure he'd suck it up long enough to adjust.



Liz said...

I haven't heard anything back from liz so Saurday is probably a go. Should I pick you up? If we take Liz she won;t have a place to sit since all the benches will be out.

Carrie K said...

If your mother says that that sweater has never been to Hades, she must be right.

I have no yarn suggestions but I wouldn't make it out of something he'd have to steel himself to wear. Something softer. Helpful, no?