Thursday, October 12, 2006


I am feeling overwhelmed with the stuff I want to do and the stuff I should do first. I have so much. And I will be gone all weekend. I should just take the day off and go home and do stuff. Except work must get done as well.

I'm still working on That Sweater. I am about 1.5 inches from the armhole shaping. I knit and knit and knit on it and even though I know I complete rows I am not sure that I'm getting anywhere. It is so close to being done and yet it is taking so long to finish.

I talked to Mom and she said she'd put the neck on, rather than sending it back. Uh - no - Gauge! Remember? Teeheehehe. She sent me a pair of socks she started, that she doesn't like but thought Liz might, so I could finish them. There is no way I'm going to get the right gauge on that, ever! So my options are 1) send them back to her to knit or 2) frog and start over.

It is snowing. Our coats are lost in the garage. I have no idea where the box of hats and mittens is.

I took Liz' mitten apart because the yarn requires a larger needle.

I still can't find my needle case.

I have things to hem and fix and I need them done tonight. There is no time! I spent last night trying to get ahold of my son, baking pumpkins and buying and mail a coat for aforementioned son.

Tonight I need to package the baked pumpkin, hem some stuff, sew some stuff, pack and get a call through to aforementioned son. GAH!

I'm busy developing a stress headache.


Marji said...

you do have a lot going on. Take a break... give yourself permission to take a break.
couple of questions: What yarn did you decide to do beadwork in? And what yarn are you using for St Brigid? and why is Siv the project from Hades? - and do you want to trade something for the extra copy you have of folk mittens? (not that I'll ever find time in my ridiculous schedule to ever knit mittens, but it's a thought)

Knit-Knot said...

I am doing Beadwork in a 5-ply scottish fleet from Frangipani

I am doing St. Brigid in an aran weight from Black Water Abbey

Siv is the Sweater from Hades because of the number of errors in the pattern and my complete inability to deal with them when I started the sweater. I cast on and frogged the back about 8 times before I finally put it in a box in disgust. I got it back out about a year ago and after I finished the sleeves and about 1/3 of the front it went back into the box. It actually isn't that bad, but the intial irritation at not being able to figure out what I was doing wrong has stuck.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie,
Don't forget your dear mommy with the mitten book. I would love to see it and maybe it has a pattern in it like the one I have been looking for. Could it be the mitten book I have lost? Let us pretend it is?????

Where to this weekend? I hope it has some relaxing time for you.
Love youkdocn

Anonymous said...

I did not type the kdocn on there intentionally. Sorry for the confusion. mom

Knit-Knot said...

I thought it was some type of secret code for me to decypher.

Carrie K said...

The secret code of admitting to duplicate copies of knitting books! Silly knit-knot. Now we'll all have to converge on you, even though I'm only knitting mittens for charity and will probably never undertake it again.

Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate! And yes, you're making progress, just at the Knitting Glacially level. Hate that level.