Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What to say?

I don't have anything to add here but I feel the need to add something to this space. As opposed to letting it sit idle, like so many other things seem to be doing.

I am up to the neck on The Sweater From Hades. If I can actually find some knitting time it will be in the mail by the weekend! Won't that be nice.

Then I need to get busy on Beadwork, St. Bridget and Mary Tudor. That's a whole lotta Starmore. Not to mention that last year my spouse bought me Zauberflote for my birthday and I haven't even balled the yarn yet.

I think I will concentrate on finishing sweaters rather than starting new sweaters though. I have a lovely lopi that I'd like to finish up this winter. I like lopi sweaters. I can normally knit one up in a couple weeks. I also have a couple of lovely Philosopher's wool kits to knit up. They are also fairly quick knits, once I decide on my color pattern. I have one that I've knitted nearly the entire sweater - but I've only done the first 5 inches of the sleeve, since I keep ripping it back and changing the colors. As soon as I get the sleeve done in a way that is pleasing I'll be able to have the rest done in no time.

We went to Menards (again) instead of IKEA. They had some nice woven baskets. I bought a bunch. They stack nice and one basket will hold at least an entire sweater, and then some. I plan to sort my projects out and put current work in the baskets. They won't be so messy sitting around the family room. I will take pictures of them as I go along and post a list here. Do you suppose that will keep my motivated and focused? We can only hope.

The other problem keeping me from getting much done is that my work room is such a mess, due to remodeling, that just going into it is discouraging. I hope that we can get moving forward again soon. Once we start getting floors down in the second story we can start putting stuff away. This will certainly make life better as we start to settle back into our house rather than living out of boxes as we are now.

Weekends are really focusing on getting the house finished though. We dont' have all that much to do, but we are running out of steam for working on it.

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