Thursday, October 19, 2006

Knitting news

I have started the armhole shaping on Mom's sweater! How exciting. My friend Giovanna came to visit, and brought yummy veggies, we sat and knit for about an hour on Tuesday night.

I stayed home with my sinus headache on Wednesday and vaccumed my basement. The carpet is so dirty I don't think it will ever be clean. Or course I always feel that way about carpet.

The house is getting settled painfully slowly. I am going to IKEA Sunday to get some stuff to organize the bathrooms and laundry room. I should also look at getting some stuff to make the kitchen cupboards more user friendly. Perhaps I can get some things to organize my knitting and sewing stuff.

Most of my difficulty is because until the rooms are done there isn't anywhere to really put a lot of stuff. Which means it is all stacked everywhere and never 'put away'. As soon as we can start getting flooring down in the upstairs things will get markedly better very quickly. Once we get moved up stairs we can set aside a weekend to put the tile down on the main floor. We are just at a stall point.

Sort of like that sweater.

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