Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday Morning

The joy of the three day weekend!

This weekend I finally got my Beadwork gauge almost correct. The gauge should be 31 stitches to 10cm, with 2mms I finally managed to get 30. I declared it close enough and cast on. I have four rows done.

I also cast on for St. Bridget. I managed to get this guage almost immediately. That was a little unnerving. I saved the swatch. I usually just frog them and use the yarn in the sweater. But I've been working on the class idea and I'll need some samples for it.

I worked on The Sweater From Hades for at least one hour before I did either one of these things. I am about 3 inches from the armhole shaping. I would guess about halfway to a finished front. I can hope that I will be putting it in a box to mail to her by this weekend.

I asked my son if he would wear a button up cardigan (no reason to knit it if he won't wear it). He said "sure". So I have yet another old project to break out and finish. This UFO is 15 years old. Well aged. It isn't be a hard knit and I can certainly take it to karate class and work on it while I wait for my daughter.

He was concerned about taking care of it - I told him I'd show him when he came to visit. I have a few dirty sweaters waiting to be washed. He also requested socks. Which of my precious yarn should I place in his care? I'll have to measure his feet when he comes home. He wants to come home for Halloween.

I really need to focus on getting the house in shape. Except there isn't anywhere to put stuff until the floors are down and so crap is scattered EVERYWHERE.

Some things just never change.

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