Thursday, March 30, 2006

I've fallen off the wagon!

Yes - I bought yarn. My mother has declared it is her fault though. She wanted to order from J&S but she was afraid to do it herself. So she begged me to order too and combine our orders and place the order. I was a hard sell but she was a good salesperson. (okay - I caved)

I convinced another friend to join us. I ordered a wooly board as well. I know I have the wood to make one and I'm still going to - but since we were ordering anyway and it is over $100 less to get it from there (including s&h and exchange) I decided I could have two.

I ordered the yarn this morning. I had forgotten how to dial over seas. I sent the order by e-mail and called in the CC number. Now I get to sit on pins and needles and wait for the yarn to show. I hope it is here before my mother comes in a month.

I ordered yarn for a sweater I want to design. I have drafted the graphs and the pattern is sketched. Once I get the swatches done I might be looking for people to test the pattern for me. Any one want to volunteer? If it works out I'm going to donate the pattern to NS for fundraising. Yes - a NS sweater. What is a good price?

EDIT - Crap! while figuring out how much each person owes I discovered that I forgot to order part of the yarn I needed. Looks like I'll have to place another order. I will wait until the first bit comes and then order the remainder for the sweater and the cobweb for the lacework at the same time.


Teej said...

Depending on how complicated the design is - I'm still just learning Fair Isle, for instance - I would be willing to test knit for you.

Price for a pattern? The Rogue & Eris patterns sell for $6 each and I seem to be under the impression that that's about the ballpark for other sweater patterns available for purchase on the web (e.g., Amelia Raitte - who is in Britain - sells hers for about 3.50 GBP, which equates to a little over $6 USD).

Valkryie Knit this said...

O_o You didn't forget MINE did you? Because I'd have to cry and order more yarn. :D

Knit-Knot said...

No - I forgot some of mine. I'll just order it later. After we get the catalog with the kits in it. :)

Giovanna said...

Bogdan and Amy had their baby so we HAVE to get yarn...for the have....see?

Knit-Knot said...

I will not be buying much yarn for the baby since her mommy is allergic to wool.

Anonymous said...

Of course I will test for you. That is if you have enough time to wait for me; you know how slow I am.