Thursday, March 16, 2006

Why isn't it Friday?

I got up early and did some knitting on Mary Tudor this morning. I'm about 1/2 way through the bottom band. I think it looks better and I'm enjoying practicing carrying my threads across the back.

I have given up on spit splicing. I'm doing something horribly wrong and nothing is more irritating that doing the splice and leaving it to dry and then coming back hours later only to have the splice come apart - I could have knit a couple rows in those couple hours! So, back to weaving in the ends for me. Of course I'll try it again a hundred more times before I really give it up completely.

I think I'm going to ball up another sweater kit that I have sitting around. Call it incentive. Trouble is - which one. And if I set aside one night each week to work on a different sweater would I get 5 of them done? Rogue - Monday, Mary Tudor - Tuesday, Jamiesons Lilies - Wednesday, Katherine of Aragon - Thursday and Friday off for good behavior or to work on the most fascinating pattern (not Rogue). Oh - now there's a plan. Although I think Friday and the weekend will have to be the front of Mom's sweater just so I can get it done.

I'll think on that some.


Valkryie Knit this said...

Sounds good to me! You'll get tons more done by being organized. :)

Me? Today all I've managed to do is buy yarn and clean the house. :P
Not very fun. But I can knit all evening then, right?

Anonymous said...

Way to Go Nicci. Working on your mother's sweater is just so admirable!!! She must be so lucky.
Guess who this is. dama

Knit-Knot said...

She is really lucky - but do you think she appreciates it?