Friday, March 17, 2006


I got the split splicing to work! Go Me! I'm so excited. WooHoo.

I checked my gauge. I'm perplexed. It is knit much more loosely, and the gauge is 16 stitches per inch instead of the required 15. I'm not going to sweat it. But I'm perplexed. I was worried that the gauge was going to be 12 stitches per inch and I'd have to really tighten up my knitting. It seemed so LOOOOSE.

I make a gauge swatch and then constantly check my gauge while knitting. I'm obsessive, although I have stopped checking it with socks. Gauge can change a lot from week to week, depending on stress and things. I'm worse about checking gauge with fair isle because the constant work on stranding properly doesn't leave enough brain power for watching gauge. Once I get into a rhythm I'm better but since I'm now trying to do all these other new things with this sweater I'm very concern that my gauge is going to get all wonky on me.

I got out my Katherine of Aragon Kit and played with the yarn a little. I read through the instructions. I have to go through and count my skeins. There are two versions and I can't remember which one I bought yarn to make. Then I'm going to set up my ball winder/swift and have the daughter ball yarn. I'm hoping she'll manage to get it all done - but she has a tendancy to get all pouty about the 4th ball and quit.

This weekend I MUST cast on for the front of my mother's sweater. Probably Sunday since I have sewing to do Saturday.


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