Friday, March 10, 2006

This week in knitting

I did finish the sleeves on Monday and managed a couple rows on my Rogue. WooHoo. I was telling Mother this and that I hoped to have it done so she could sew it up and I could add the collar when she was here the end of April. She wanted to know why I didn't knit the body all one piece. Uhm - I started it that way and then when the patterns wouldn't come out and I had to take it out and reknit it over and over and over and over I decided against taking out 200+ stitches and recasting them everytime after the first restart - because of all the errata in that pattern and the added problem of the knotwork not coming out correctly. But now I have only the front left (YAY)

I think I'm going to take out my Mary Tudor and start it over. I've learned a lot about colored knitting since I started and stopped working on it (tension issues) I think I will do a much better job from here on up and I'd like it all to be better not just the last 20 inches. Does this sound crazy to everyone except me? You can see the progress through the link on the side bar - I'll take votes.

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