Monday, March 06, 2006

The weekend update

This is an exciting post - I spent all of my knitting time this weekend working on my mother's sleeves and THEY STILL AREN'T DONE. I did no other knitting all weekend. I'm close to finishing them though - I think. Of course I also thought I'd have them finished by the end of the weekend and I was wrong about that.

I hope to finish them tonight. Yes it is Rogue Monday - but the sleeves are driving me crazy and I want them DONE. I think that it is the need to get things finished and out of my room so I can buy more yarn that is getting to me. Well that and she is coming to visit the end of April and I can send the sweater home with her if I get it finished. Then it will no longer be in my house!

I bought The Opinionated Knitter and I have a deep desire to make three or four of the sweaters in that book. Mostly I want to use her method for creating a sweater. I want to make a blue/teal/purple fair isle with green/yellow/ivory/pink flowers. Something lotus blossom-esque. Swatching will ensue as soon as the doodling is complete.

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