Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Snow Days

This weekend I ripped out the Mary Tudor. Thank you for all the helpfully comments. It came down to - I won't be happy with it so it needs to come out. It is once again a bag full of yarn balls.

I have now attempted to restart it a couple times. I started redoing the cast-on this morning for the third time. It's a new (to me) cast-on recommended by AS for this style of knitting. I got a copy of her Fair Isle knitting book cheap. It was about $100 including shipping, last copy I saw on Ebay went for over $200 and used book stores list it at $125 so it was a bargain? It really is a nice book with a lot of useful information. Including many chapters on designing your own. I'm glad to have it but I can't believe how much money I spent on it. I am using the techniques suggested by her in Fair Isle knitting. We'll see how the sweater turns out.

Fiber enablers and terrorists society didn't meet last night due to the storm. I'm glad my friends were smart enough to stay home. But there was no progress on Rogue.

I got a couple more Elizabeth Zimmerman books last weekend. I really want to go to knitting camp in July. It is run by Elizabeth's daughter Meg Swansen now. Unfortunately the session I want to attend is the same weekend as another annual get together that I usually attend. This year I am commited and don't really think I can back out. But maybe next year I can attend knitting camp instead.


Teej said...

So when's the Rogue make-up day this week..? I didn't get anything done yesterday either.. :/

*whine* Knitting camp would be so much more interesting than said annual get together. Maybe we can cobble up our own version.. I'm still trying to decide how involved I want to be this year which will directly determine if I want to try to mount an Artisan's Row at aforementioned annual get together.

Knit-Knot said...

I hadn't planned to have a make up day. But then I'm already so far behind G that I need one just to catch up.

Maybe Sunday would be a good make up day?

Valkryie Knit this said...

Ooo... I'd go with you to knitting camp! :) It sounds like a ton of fun!


Knit-Knot said...

Oh sure - just come along and make it even more depressing that I can't skip WW.

Maybe we should all plan to go next year! If we start planning now we can afford it and everything!