Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Another Rogue Monday

Fiber enablers was great last night. I worked on my Rogue and I am at chart C row 33.

After everyone left I knit the last lace swatch. This time with the silk and Brittany needles. The Skacels were to slick and I kept loosing stitches. It blocked fine. I like the idea of using silk - but it was pretty slick and I think it would be an exercise in frustration. I'm probably going with the shetland cobweb. I can order that from J&S when I order the yarn I left off of the last order.The samples are: Gassamer Merino, Shetland Cobweb and Gossamer Silk. The silk has serious tension issues. It is really too bad that you can't reall see the fineness of the fiber here. My camera just isn't good enough.

Knitting Camp costs about $650 from Thursday through Monday. This includes classes, four nights hotel, hotel breakfast, lunch and snack. I'm going to save money so I can go next year. I spent almost that going to the EGA convention in Minneapolis and it didn't even include food or hotel. Still expensive, but I think it will be worth it. Applications for this year are due starting Friday, I have to save for the remodeling and I can't get out of my responsibilities at WW this year. So I'm going to just suck up that I can't go this year and enjoy the fact that I get to go to Pennsic instead and spend a weekend at Lillies.

I also started ANOTHER sweater Sunday. This one is a lopi sweater. I will be dividing my time between that and mother's sweater. I have only about half the front to finish and since we are going to visit her the 14th I hope to have the pieces done to take along. She can sew them up, try it on and I can put the neck on it either while I'm there or have it ready for her to pick up when she comes here the end of April.

I'm still balling yarn for the cardigan. I have to find some freetime to read the pattern and make some copies of the charts. I'm willing to bet I finish the lopi before I get all the yarn balled for the cardigan.

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