Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Weekend - in which we drive, some more

Friday dawned and we packed the car, then looked for coolers. Out intention was to return home with tasty meat. After wasting 20 minutes looking for coolers we left for a 9 hour drive to my mother's house. (Telling myself it takes 9 hours makes it seem not so long.) Plus we stopped about half-way to see the new baby and spent almost two hours visiting so it did take 9 hours.

The reason for taking the car instead of the train was to return with tasty meat. I brought back some steaks, a roast and some ground beast. Meat takes more time than that to freeze. Driving home with 1/2 of a not frozen beef was not considered a good idea.

Saturday we looked at sweaters and decided that the small sleeve must come out. I am not surprised, I suspected as much. I did however enjoy several months where that sweater was, for all intents, done. The sleeve is now unknit and on needles. I hope to have it done by the 29th. I will then sew it up, cut it up and sew it together. Mother can then knit up the collar and button bands. I also brought home the sweater I made for Dad. It is too warm (?) so I am going attempt, against all odds, to acquire something to make button bands so he can have a cardigan. And they wonder why I am reluctant to knit for others.

On the up side my mother politely failed to discover the error on the back of her knotwork sweater (ie the sweater from hell). I also managed to knit a row and a half on it while there.

Then we went out and spent 5 hours cutting and packaging a beef. This should not be attempted without a good sense of humor and a box of bandaid. We did however get meat that was packaged per our needs and briskets that were briskets! There will be corned beef in my future!

We then got up Sunday morning and returned to the metropolis. Interspersed there was horse brushing, combing and admiring. My parents' horses like me, my mother is very pleased by this and thinks I should move closer so I can help with them. She has a jumper for me, he is a nice 1 year old and I would really enjoy teaching him and stuff. Alas I have no job there. :(

I arrived home to two boxes of yarn and a wooly board. I sorted yarn (as best I could) the shipping was high but we still paid less for the yarn and shipping from the mill then we would have paid at the shop. It will be cheaper to ship next time as well, since we won't be getting another wooly board.

Best go - I have an appointment and I have to see if I can figure out where it is.

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