Thursday, November 15, 2007

What a bummer

I had my second post-op appointment today. I have to keep the bandage contact on for at least 3 more days. It is really starting to drive me bonkers, although today has been better than yesterday.

I have almost finished the Celtic tote.

I cast on the first glove for the Plimoth Plantation. It is knitting up quite nicely.

Pictures when there is enough completed to take a picture.


Liz said...

Cool, they are sending me a glove kit when they send more yarn to finish the stockings. Jill is looking into the descrepancies in the stocking pattern. She says they have been using that pattern for years and now she wonders if the knitters just made adjustments to correct the problems. Oy.

She agreed with my assessments but says that the stockings she has seen in paintings are baggy at the ankle. I asked if she could send me a picture of the originals that the pattern is based on. If the original looks like a hot mess then who am I to change it?

I'm going early Saturday morning to get rid of electronics and then go to IKEA, want to come?

Knit-Knot said...

I'd love to but I have other projects that require my attention.

Sarah said...

Ooo, Ikea, have fun.

Crazy on the socks.

Yea on the Celtic Tote.

Good luck with your glove pattern, hope it goes better than G's socks :P