Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Feast day of St. Nicholas Tavelic and Companions

My aunt received her sweater yesterday. She loves it and it isn't too big (just a little long). She isn't sure if she will wear it out on the boat. She probably should though. Or I could make her a nice tightly knit gansey. The kind that are completely bulletproof. Given how pleased she was with the first one I'm not sure she would be able to handle getting a second.

I have to redo the steeks for my Kauni sweater. I knit up one facing and when I went to use it I discovered that I had created uneven steeks; one was 3 columns of stitches and the other 6. (sad) I just have to take off the columns of stitches, but it means crocheting the stitches and cutting them up again. I decided to not do it last night and instead cast on the body of the Pink Cabled Wonder. I managed to get it cast on and joined without (I repeat - without) twisting it. I had enough weighted pins on it that there was simply no way it could twist without committing violations of the law gravity.

So what to do tonight - to steek or not to steek.

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