Saturday, November 10, 2007

Feast day of St. Leo the Great

Once again I was taken against my will to the yarn store. I only bought 4 skeins!

I'm going to make the Celtic Tote in the lastest Interweave Knits. My mother bought yarn for 2 more sweaters. I think she bought yarn for 4 total this visit.

I also managed to find a nice pair of dress shoes. I should still attempt to find one more pair. (I have hard to fit feet and I hate spending hundreds of dollars on shoes. Especially when it is only for 1 pair)

And now - back to visiting with my mother. She leaves tomorrow. The weekend has gone by much too quickly.


Valkryie Knit This said...

Yeah for shoes and yarn! :)

You ever try for shoes? okay prices, free super fast shipping. And, free return shipping.

Knit-Knot said...

I hate buying shoes without trying them on first.