Monday, November 05, 2007

Feast day of the Venerable Solanus Casey

The body of the Kauni sweater is done. Now I'm going to knit the facings/sleeves. I'm going to use the directions that Holly shared on the Kauni KAL. I'm really excited to try it. The cardi to pulli worked out well. I'm pleased with the neckline. Even if this isn't my favorite colorway it may end up being my favorite sweater.

So tonight I'm going to knit the facings and if the time works out start the first sleeve.

If it looks like I won't have time or the attention to focus on learning the new technique I'll cast on the body for the pink cabled wonder (again) and hopefully I will manage to NOT twist the join this time.

I found some beautiful silver and gold beads at the store. I'm going to make a new knitting counter. I have to find my directions to determine what size I need and go back to buy them. There were a little too pricey to buy without knowing for sure what I need. But I'm really getting interested in beautiful knitting jewelry. I have more fun making stitch markers that I would have imagined (I now have about 100 stitch markers). I should really get and Etsy page and sell some of them. But which ones would I give up?

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Holly said...

You can never have enough stitchmarkers. Just not possible!