Saturday, November 03, 2007

Feast day of Saint Martin de Porres

Today we finished installing the last of the baseboards. Finally done. Now we just need to get a couple rooms cleaned and we can be done working on 'the house'. I don't think we will ever BE done, since we just keep coming up with other things that we should do.

And the time change is upon us. I hate the whole idea of it. If there is such a deep desire to have longer days in the summer fine (I don't know why people think that one hour makes such a fantastic benefit - but what ever) Then just do it and leave it. Why change it back and forth and back and forth?

I worked on the Kauni sweater again today. I have 1/2 of the armhole done. I'm starting to try to figure out the shaping for the neck. I think I should go and read a couple of other patterns to see how they were done and by then I should be up to that point.

Unfortunately I have no pictures, maybe tomorrow.

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