Thursday, December 28, 2006

I shouldn't be allowed to surf knitting sites. I want three new sweaters. Like I need three more sweaters worth of yarn.

I got my SP9 package last night. I have pictures I'll have to post later (I'm posting from work). I got a ball of sock yarn (Trekking), a couple of knitting magazines (which are interesting - my SP9 pal is from England), and a couple of cute stuffed hearts with little spangles on them, and some chocolates and a scarf (which my daughter stole - the chocolates and the scarf). There was the niftiest little old knitting book. It has a couple of REALLY cool sock patterns that I might have to try. I think I will photocopy the whole thing so it won't get ruined with use.

My secret pal is the BEST!

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