Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

I welcomed the new year, sitting in my living room with some great people. We just say around watching TV and visiting. It was very nice. All things considered, while it was really nice to go to S&M house for chili we could have stayed at K&L's place and saved ourselves all the driving.

We got snow last night.

I hope the new year brings as much fun as the last one did.

I painted the library/den this weekend. We should be able to start putting the floor down soon. Yay! Soon the piano will be moved and I can start working on the dining room!

I had pictures of the baby sweater to post today but the battery on the camera needs to be recharged first. It lost charge completely just as I got the camera plugged into the computer.

I found my needle case Saturday. I was very pleased. Now I just need to find the new pages I bought for it. I'm also thinking about getting some new options needles. I relly like them. I want to get some of the smaller sizes. They aren't the nice interchangable ones but they have nice joins. Very smooth.

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