Monday, January 22, 2007

Oh the shame

So the excavations in my sewing room continue. At this point I believe that I could knit a sweater a month for a year and still not knit up all the sweater kits I have in my stash.

And that doesn't even include socks, shawls or other lace bits.

I think I might have to just stop buying yarn (gasp)

I joined the Dale of Norway KAL (I already had two of them and a baby sweater gather up) and I can't find the patterns. I have the yarn. But the pattern book has disappeared. Both patterns are in the same book, of course.

The reorganization continues this evening.


Anonymous said...

What does KAL represent?

Have you seen the mittens made from old sweaters that have been felted? I have not but someone here learned to do this weekend and is going to bring the pattern etc tomorrow. I am going to look for old wool sweaters at the thrift store after work just in case I want to make some. If not, she can use the sweaters.

I am tired today. Don't know why.

Valkryie Knit This said...

Wow! that's alot of sweaters! :D

Never ever say you have to stop buying yarn. It just means you have to knit faster. ;)

Anonymous said...

I like Kelly's attitude on the yarn

Liz said...

Most of the stuff in my stash are for specific projects, namely socks and baby sweaters. i really need to make Walker's 1 yr. sweater in the Crayon colorway.

I have my Dale of Norway book and can look through it for the patterns you need. No guarantee that I have them though.