Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Weaving nearly woven

Aaron's belt is almost done. I just have about 20 inches left and I have to decide how to finish it. I'll probably find a buckle, or more likely a D-ring.

I hope to get more time to re-evaluate the work list this weekend. I will finish the baby sweater first and then sew together my Rogue sweater. Then I'll split my time between Mary Tudor, Beadwork and a cabled Lopi sweater. And I have several hundred pairs of socks to finish/knit.

This should be REALLY frightening once I get a real look at the stash. Maybe I don't really want to do this?!

Oh - sure I do.

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Liz said...

So are we still meeting at IKEA on Sunday? Should I pick you up or do we need to hide my assistance from the spouse?