Tuesday, January 30, 2007

There are no pictures because I have, of course, misplaced the camera.

I have completed the first sleeve for the Laela sweater. I have started the cuff of the second sleeve.

My plan, after finishing this sweater is to finish the Mary Tudor body. We'll see how I feel about the sleeves after I finish the body.

Terri thinks I can knit 5 sweaters in a year. Should we take bets? There could even be a prize for the person who comes closest to the actual number of sweaters knitted.

Sweaters that will count are those that I started this year or that weren't more than 3/4 completed December 31.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OK, 6 if we count those started before 12/31. Just not more than 3/4 done.

What is your Laela sweater?

I can do one if I get started and work very hard and diligently- and it is small and simple.

Have a great day. Call sometime to say "H E L L O MAMA"
Love you!!!