Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The resolution conundrum

Every year about this time people start talking about making resolutions for the new year. This year is no different. As I browse around the blogs I read I see it on many of them.

As a general rule I don't make new years resolutions. For me they are self defeating. I need short term agreements with myself, with a short end in sight. I can go three months without buy yarn, or fabric or starting a new project. But if I have to go an entire year I won't do anything.

As I start putting stuff in my new room though I'm putting projects together. Kitting it all up together with notes and patterns. It probably won't help destash, but that isn't really the goal. The goal is organization. I will of course be overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I have. But getting it all together will make starting a new project easier. I hate it when I go to get the stuff and I can't find half of it. I also know that I have a couple of projects I started gathering stuff for where I am missing a skein of this or a yard of that. So I think my goal will be to get them all together, with all the necessary bits and make a couple piles. Stuff that is almost finished, stuff that needs to be finished for a child - who will out grow it soon and stuff for me that can wait. I have a good list here already of stuff that just needs to be finished or needs to get done for a gift/growth spurt. I'm about 1/2 way through my goal time and 1/2 way through my list. Not bad.

I am not going to finish Beadwork or Mary Tudor by the 15th of January. That was obviously wishful thinking on my part. But I am going to reassess my projects on the 15th and create a new list and a new set of goals to keep me interested and progressing forward.

This weeks short term goal - finish that baby sweater. Before the baby shows up!


Anonymous said...

Have you looked at this web site? Looks cool. http://www.earthfriendlyyarns.com
I might get some. Want some?

Knit-Knot said...

Yes - please