Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I have managed to survive the holiday.

I am feeling better. I get SAD every year but I spend all day today sitting in sun puddles (starting under my daylight lamp at 7am and then again all evening). I hope it lasts through the week. The remodel called for BIG windows in the whole house so if I can managed to stay home a couple days a week I should be good. We'll see.

I have reknit the sleeves for the baby sweater again. I'm happier with them now. Fussy fussy.

I have also managed to knit two rows on the back of my Beadwork. I knit the second row left handed. It is not a good knit on the wrong side. If I was willing to put in the work to rewrite it and start over I'd probably knit it in the round. Right at the moment I want to keep knitting it as is.

My work room is done and I'm going to start moving stuff into it. There will probably not be a lot of knitting going on this next few weeks.

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