Monday, December 04, 2006


Well, this weekend was not productive in the knitting arena. I finished the blue baby sweater and started my daughter's mittens. I have one about 3/4 done. It would be nice if I could finish them both tonight. She needs them. I would also like to finish mine. It was pretty cold walking into work this morning.

Unfortunately I spilled a cup of cocoa on the yarn for my mittens (and the floor) yesterday. I managed to get the yarn rinsed but it is pretty wet. The carpet is probably a total loss. It is so nasty anyway that I only made minimal efforts to clean it up.

I'm really tired this afternoon. It's probably because I didn't find anything decent to eat for lunch. I need to bring some snack crap into the office to leave in my desk for those days I can't decide to eat.

The house will never be finished.

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