Monday, December 18, 2006


Sewing room - The floor is finished and the trim is stained but it is NOT installed. We put in doors instead. We only have one left. I wish he had put in the trim so I could start moving my stuff.

I have 1 sleeve for the baby sweater finished and one about 1/2 done. I should have it finished tonight and then I can re-cast on for the body. It's going quick which is good.

I bought some more yarn - Bad me. It is beautiful and I have the sweater all picked out. I'm going to start it on my birthday. It will replace one that got felted in the wash. Plus I had a $20 gift card for the yarn store. So I got the yarn for $40.



Valkryie Knit this said...

Yeah! So close!

What kind of yarn did you get?

Knit Knot said...

Cascade 220.

Anonymous said...

What!! More Yarn??!!!
You knotty girl, then you shall have no pie.!!

I have some of that 220 yarn and it is very nice. I have not made the things with it that I intended, but I will. Someday, someway.

Talk to you later. Bunches of love.