Thursday, September 20, 2007


I should be packing, but what should I pack? Uhm?! I just don't know what should go.

I still desperately wish my mother was coming along. How sad is that? It just seems wrong to take 'our' trip alone.

Still haven't found the f*ing camera.

I have the fronts of my aunt's sweater done. Just the back to knit up and then it's done except for the sewing. Seems silly to take that along. It's only two hours of knitting.

I suppose I'll take the pink cabled wonder and my HP swap socks. And my knitpicks needle set (the harmony ones are arriving today or tomorrow - I'm going to guess tomorrow, since then I won't get to see them until Sunday) and my little bag of tools.

And just like that - a packing list.

You all be good and don't do anything interesting while I'm gone!

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