Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ravelry - Stash Recognition tool

I have been spending too much time playing on Ravelry. This is not conducive to actually finishing my aunt's sweater. On the other hand it has given impetus to the reorganization of stash. I planned to do it as part of the sorting out the room situtation that has been occuring this week, but doing it on Ravelry has been interesting. I can put in the yarn I don't have a project for and then look and see what other people are doing with their yarn that is the same. This has been very enlightening.

I have fewer sock yarn/pattern sets than I thought I did. I do have lots of sock yarn, but I don't have as much that is designated for a design as I thought. Play Time!

I have more lace yarn kitted up than I thought but nothing I don't have a pattern for. I'm not sure if this is good or bad. Although it does show more restraint that I had imagined I possessed.

I have enough sweaters kitted up to knit FOREVER. Okay, so not forever - but for the remainder of this decade. The good news is I still like all the patterns, colors and yarns.

I don't have any large amounts of yarn that isn't set aside for an intended project. This is a complete contrast to my fabric stash which is many 5 yard chunks of fabric I liked.

I have lots of odds and ends left over from other projects. I think I should spend a month making baby socks. Maybe I should designate November as Baby Sock Month - anyone want to join me?


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Knit-Knot said...

You what?

Liz said...

Already completeing my leftover sock stash/ baby sock extravaganza. Only one more small skein left to go. I finished a "pair with a spare" last night.

I'm bringing the yarn for more sock monkey socks to Coronation this weekend.

Knit-Knot said...

I could enable you! I have stash.