Friday, September 21, 2007

Letters from Camp

In spite of a headache that I had nearly all day I had a good day.

We started with breakfast at the Kitchen Table, which is owned by one of Elizabeth Zimmerman's daughters. The food is home made, including the bread and the granola. I had granola and yogurt with fruit for breakfast. It was very good.

There is a group of men who are regulars there that refer to themselves as Romeos (Retired Old Men Eating Out). I think that every small town every where has a group of them.

The class was very good. We talked about many different kinds of cast ons, increases, decreases and 'hems' for sweaters. We also talked about shaping the body of sweaters in the round to drop the front by raising the back and lots of other stuff. Makes me want to go home and fix a few sweaters.

It is nice to see all the students sitting there knitting while the teacher teaches and knits. There are so many beautiful projects.

I didn't stay for evening knitting though. I wanted to talk to Liz and my mom - but neither one returned my calls. (sad) EDIT - Mom finally called me back!

Tomorrow we get to go to the Schoolhouse. I'm going to see about buying a couple skeins of J&S to fill in a couple of sweater kits I have been putting together. Maybe a gift or two. We will see what I can find.

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Valkryie Knit This said...

yeah knitting! And you didn't get poision ivy or anything! :)i