Sunday, September 23, 2007

Home - finally

I'm finally home and errands are done. We got Liz her new phone. I ordered mine online (this was a really good idea and saved me about $200. Which is good, all things considered.)

I spent more money then I planned at the Schoolhouse. I got duplicate books, I already had two of the ones I bought and apparently I already bought Mom the one I bought for her. I'll give her the one I thought I had, but bought anyway, just in case. (now there is a run-on thought)

Camp was such great fun. I met LOTS a great people, saw lots of fantastic knitting and learned new things. I should have stayed up later knitting in the meeting room. I missed some terribly fun times. But I wouldn't have had two brain cells to use the next day if I had. That is the problem with being a morning person.

I'm so fired up! I have plans for several sweater designs floating around in my head. I bought some yarn to start knitting swatches. I'm going to order 1 skein of each color from J&S so I have design stash.

As if I have time to knit up the stuff I have and want AND to design and knit up all the ideas in my head. :)

I have a good start on Liz' new hat. It fits and she likes it. The yarn I choose it unspun Icelandic in fuchsia and black. It is pretty and I'm glad she likes it. Pictures when it's done.

I also have pictures from camp, but they will have to wait - I want to knit some more before bedtime.

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Liz said...

I wish I was coming over tonight so you could share all of your adventures, but it will have to wait when I'm no longer a percolator of cold germs.