Thursday, June 01, 2006

Great Sadness

I want my computer back. I'm not happy. I have a hard time updating my blog, with no new pictures, and answering e-mail. My SIL is nice to let us use her home - but her keyboard is broken and dial-up is hard when you are as spoiled as I am. If I had my computer I could show you the destruction that is my home, and the knitting that is my consolation.

I got my new knitting books in the mail. I haven't had a chance to compare the new with the old. But I think the new one has more information and the old has more patterns/projects. One of the new ones has no charts. All the patterns are written out long-wise. I will have to sit down and draw them out. Otherwise I will never use them. (see - spoiled)

1 comment:

Kelly said...

I certainly hate when my computer access is limited. Keep your chin up.