Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The "expletive" remodeling update

Perhaps the end IS in sight. Everyone except the electrician will be in the house next week. This is good. We meet with the electrician on the 29th to place switches and outlets. He will do that and be done by the 10th of July - supposedly.

My spouse with a death wish commented how he will be doing all the drywall alone. If he makes on more snotty comment to me about it he will be. I have nothing scheduled from the 9th of July until I leave for Pennsylvania on the 10 of August (or there abouts). I can either spend that time helping with the house or hiding the corpse, his choice.

Lovely attitude for our 20th anniversary, don't you think? He's ditching me on our anniversary to go and march in a parade with his shrine drum corps. I would go home and make him a nice dinner - but he won't be there to eat it and if they do the usual hang out afterwards he won't be home until late. Harumph.

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