Thursday, June 08, 2006

How long is a week in your world?

The contractor said he would have the roof off and the new floor and roof on in a week. I went by this morning and the floor of the new story is on - but no walls and no roof. The roof came off last week we are now approaching day 10. (I would post picture - but you know that complaint.)

I'd pout - but what good would that do? None - I say. Rather like taking the contractor at his word. He's not a bad guy and things are moving along - but I wanted to be home by now. It's making life hard - ever try to put together a secret pal box when half the stuff you have set aside is an hour and a half away? CRAP!

I have almost finished my new tank top. Not that I can wear it to the air conditioned hell I call the office. It is very nice and I might have to make another one. I have about 2 inches left on the back and then sewing together. YAY!

I have decided to join the JS Beadwork KAL. I have to order yarn. I thought I was going to luck into some that was already in the states but no such luck. Some one had some for sale and it was even the right color. Alas. I hate trying to call Europe. I don't have my own phone and with the time change I'm usually in the car or in bed during prime calling times. GAH! I can wait until I get back to the house though since I'm assured that they are very prompt shippers and I will have it in plenty of time.

I am also putting my J&S order on hold until I'm home to take delivery. With my luck it will come when I'm out of town and no one is at the house to take the shipment. It will then rain on the package and promptly get VERY hot and I will come home to ruined wool. NOT my idea of happy.

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