Tuesday, June 13, 2006

In the second century of the remodeling years

We have second floor walls. The windows are framed in - I didn't realize they were that BIG.

Once again someone who had the plans failed to read them and upon inspection of the site decided we should throw more money away and purchase a different kind of thing. This time it was windows. Tempered glass is all well and good - but you could have noticed that the plans show the hall windows are 5 inches from the floor, before we ordered regular glass, and perhaps before they arrived. You know - 2 or 3 months ago - when you approved the plans without tempered glass.

This is almost but not quite as annoying as the heating guy who came by and said "My, these rooms are going to be a lot bigger - you'll need new radiators" Did you bother to look at the dimensions on the plans? Of course he also didn't notice that we were replacing all the windows and insulation thus needing a smaller furnace, so the cost difference was almost negligable. However if the roomsize had been properly noted would we have a way to large furnace? Most likely.

To my credit I haven't shown up at anybody's office - yet.

I bought yarn for a lace shawl last night. I also bought some beads. I now have a new project to finish by WW. With any luck the new beaded bag will knit up as quickly as the first. I also bought a Grace Quilting Frame. Regular price is $300, I got this one on clearance for $140. I'm sad my Hancocks is closing but this is a darn good deal. I have four or five tops that need quilting and now I have a way to quilt them. I see a quilting bee in my future.

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