Thursday, May 25, 2006

House destruction - fourth decade

Finally the electric company dug down the power lines. Three weeks late! They nearly refused - on discovering that the junction box (or what ever) was less that three feet from the gas meter. My superhero husband got out electrician on the phone, talked the electrical guys into coming back in an hour and showed up to supervise (we contracted the electrician ourselves and the contractor was rather nervous about handling it - since it wasn't his people). So in the end it all worked out. But I was on the road when he called me and didn't find out what finally happened until 3pm. I was a little stressed out.

I talked to Liz' school principal yesterday - during my brief periods of cellular reception. She's attempting to find a solution for us. But there are some problems with state guidelines and she wants my guarantee that Liz will be back to school by July. I tried to point out to her that we were certain Liz would be back June first and look how that turned out. I'm hopeful.

We still can't find Liz' glasses. I had them three weeks ago for all of 20 minutes. Now they are gone. Her father has gone back to the house 3 times and brought back three old pair. I finally called my mother and am going to fax her the prescription and they are going to go and buy her new ones. Which means the old ones will turn up next Wednesday. Fine - she'll have an extra pair.

I couldn't find my lace book - and I was quite whiney about it. I finally ordered one and it shipped Tuesday. Of course Tuesday afternoon when I stopped to grab my sergier to loan to a friend I found it - where the serger book was suppose to be. I didn't find the serger book.

I bought a cute baby sweater pattern and yarn. I also bought some lace weight merino. Since I'd found the lace book and I'm going to make something. I am also going to order gossamer and cobweb for Sharon Miller's Wedding ring shawl. I have found more than a few items I 'need'.

I have nearly finished the front of my new tank top. I have taken out the collar on my father's sweater. I am planning on sewing with Mary on Monday and I will haul my parents cardigans to be to her house and sew up the seams there. That just leaves the knitting and that shouldn't be too bad. I don't have any idea where the buttons are - but I can guarantee you that the minute I buy replacements they will show up.


Teej said...

Gah! Your digging and electric issues make me nervous about the digging and potential electric issues we're going to have to deal with later in June. Glad it worked out, but sorry it took so long!

Which lace book do you now have two of? Depending on which one it is and whether you're willing, I might be willing to buy it from you for what you paid for it.

Knit-Knot said...

This one:

It looks different than the one I have - but it could just be the cover. If it has any additional stuff I'll probably just keep it.

Valkryie Knit this said...

Well, at least you found your book!


I was beging to worry that I really did have it, and had lost it.