Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I HATE moving. I'm not actually moving at this time - but it feels like it. We are doing some remodeling. I have to clear out the main floor of our house. Everything has to go into the basement/garage. I spent HOURS last night (with a friend) cleaning my daughter's room and packing stuff. We filled as many bags of garbage as we did boxes of stuff.

After I nearly finished her room and washed the dishes I spend an hour knitting another band on the redo of Mother's sleeve. I then took out that row (because the gauge was off) and reknit it. I have three (or maybe four) bands left. I will then sew up said sweater.

I had planned to go to my SCA meeting tonight but then Mike came and took my car. The brakes on the truck are still not working. It isn't as though I don't have enough things to do at home. So it isn't such a deal - just very disappointing. I hope to have all the upstairs done, except my bedroom, tonight though. Then I can spend Thursday sewing up the buttonholes on my cote. I still have to take out and redo the sleeves. Happy Happy.

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