Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Knitting - What's that?

Oh there has been knitting in my world. I've started two modular knit projects. But since I'm not in my own home with DSL I can't upload pictures. So there are no pictures.

There are rumors that they can't remove the roof until June because Xcel won't move the electric until the 24th. They can cash our check two weeks ago - but they can't get the work done. I still don't think I should have to pay for it until they show up to do it. They are holding up the whole project. Everything else is ready to go. And you can guess how much they care. The contractor was talking about cutting in the new windows later this week and next week. At least he's attempting to move ahead as much as he can. I appreciate that a lot. I have to order the new front door tomorrow. It sucks that I'm not getting the door I want - but I'll live with it.

I'm ordering lace yarn (cobweb and gossamer) next week (maybe). I'm also ordering the J&S I forgot to order last time. I'm going to take the advice in Sharon Miller's book and buy enough for several projects. I will calculate what it would cost to buy the recommended amount retail and spend the same amount on the J&S site. That should give me a metric buttload of lace weight wool.

I saw some really lovely lace patterns at the Fiber Fair but I didn't purchase any. I have enough projects in the works at the moment. But I do have a new wish list now. I really wish I could find my other lace book. I'll have to replace it soon. This will be very annoying. I hate to buy books I already bought.

I have to answer some emails this afternoon. I will probably head over to the local coffee house and use their free wi-fi. Assuming I can get it to work. There are no guarantees. I attempted to use the free wi-fi at the hotel this weekend and failed utterly.

Go over to Giovanna's blog and see a picture of my baby (the yellow one - not the green one). I miss the little feathery dusters. They appear to be doing well at her home - I saw them last week when we went for lunch. I'm really lucky to have someone I can trust to see to their well-being.


Giovanna said...

Rosie gave me a wolf whistle this morning and did her little sing-songy call. That's the first time I have heard them do that at my home. I think they are both doing fine, but their cage is getting an cleaning tonight. ;^)

Tweet decided to climb into the cage with both of them last night during birdy time. Crazy parakeet.

Valkryie Knit this said...

Hehehe... Metric buttload.