Monday, May 01, 2006

Hay is for horses

I spent most of the weekend hanging out in a horse barn with my mother. If there had been riding involved it would have been perfect. I did get a pair of boots that fit my feet. What, you ask, does this have to do with knitting? Absolutely nothing, but I have size 6.5 W feet and I can never find shoes that fit (except for Birkenstock) and I was so excited. I'm still thinking about buying another pair! I almost went back on Sunday to get another pair!

Secret Pal 8 signups ended yesterday. This should be so much FUN!

I worked on the reknitting of the sleeve for Mom's cardigan. It is almost half done. I had to redo the same pattern all weekend because I just couldn't seem to get it right. I finished that pattern last night. I dug out the left over yarn, which I will need, and am ready to make progress tonight. I have to empty out a couple of rooms first, but I intend to get a pattern or two completed.

There was some stash enhancement this weekend as well. I got a sweater kit from Philosopher's Wool and no trip to the Cities is complete without a trip to a yarn store. I bought some wool to dye and a skein of sock yarn, Liz got a hedgehog pattern and Mom bought yarn and a pattern to make a sweater.

We dyed some sock yarn using kool-aid, I dyed some yarn using my acid dye (I'm not sure if I like it). It maybe make an appearance on Ebay. Some of the colors are great but over all I'm not sure I like it. I think I prefer the appearance of pot dyed colors over the appearance of the steam dyed colors. Pot dyed colors have a softer blend. I may have to run to the yarn store and pick up another 3 skiens and make a pot dyed batch to test this in theory.

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